Friday, August 24, 2012

Featured item: Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggle

With so many MGP events on the horizon, we're thinking that this item is a must-have for the airsofter/milsimer who doesn't yet have everything. Meet the Desert Locust Fan Goggle Essential Kit:

It includes clear and solar interchangeable lenses, anti-reflective sleeve, cleaning cloth, and storage case. 

Designed as the ultimate protective eyewear, the Desert Locust Fan Goggle builds upon Revision’s unmatched ability to protect soldiers’ eyes. The Desert Locust combines the best high-impact protection with a perfect facial and helmet  fit, balancing the soldier’s need for comfort with well-sealed eye protection. In addition to a virtually silent but powerful fan system, Revision's proprietary OcuMax® coating prevents fogging and scratching to ensure clear vision for the most extreme conditions while the optically correct goggle lens is engineered to maximize field-of-view and provide unprecedented visual clarity.

We are taking pre-orders now! Shipping is free on all eyewear, and use coupon code OPSU2 to get an additional 10% off your total order! (Expires Oct. 31)

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