Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Review: G26 springer pistol

We got a bunch of these for the Zombie Hunt coming up, and I must say, for being a cheap little springer pistol, this G26 (metal edition) is impressive! Both DeathIdol and I are really surprised by it's performance, because, frankly we aren't expecting a lot from a springer pistol. It's not Tokyo Marui, but it is more accurate and long-range than other springers we've used. I also like the compact size; it fits my hand perfectly, and DI is comfortable with it as well. I would carry this as a sidearm for CQB, in addition to springer games.

Manufacturer: Chinese

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cold Steel

2008Sept 025
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Our first cold steel order came in today. Most of the stuff shown here is already spoken for, but we'll be ordering from them again. They have some very VERY nice products. For myself, I got what DI calls a "people beatin' stick."

A stack of springer pistols

2008Sept 021
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...for the Zombie Hunt! Are you gonna be ready?

Of the two models we got, I like the little G26, but for the price, you can't beat that CYMA P.813A2. FUN!

DI & Angus at Airsoft Assault Pgh.

2008Sept 012
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Angus makes the funny face.

DeathIdol at Airsoft Assault

2008Sept 006
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Posing with his M4.

Army at Airsoft Assault last weekend

2008Sept 001
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MIRV posing with Army recruiters at Airsoft Assault, Pgh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Airsoft Event: Zombie Hunt, Oct. 11

I went to this event last year, and it was a great time. Looking forward to it this year! -MIRV

Airsoft based Zombie Hunt ~ Oct. 11th

October 11th, Ghost Walkers & Company is presenting a night of Zombie hunting, killing and if you're good enough, survival. For those of you who've watched all those Romero's movies and thought, "I wouldn't have gotten killed doing that, I could have made it thru the night"; here's your chance to prove it.

The Zombie adventures will begin at sundown. Now these aren't "28 Days Later" or "Dawn of the Dead" zombies, these are old school, rambling, kill by sheer numbers, one shot to the head to kill Zombies. And while we might start one or two scenarios ala Dog Soldiers, it all usually comes down to a couple of pistols, maybe a shotgun, and a handful of ammo to make it to safety.

To this end, most of the night action will be limited to springer weapons. Weapons used in the zombie games will be limited to less than 325fps with .20gms. Standard ammo is acceptable (i.e. biodegradable are not required at this site).

The game will take place at the Weckoski Farm in Coal Center, PA.

330 Grange Rd
Coal Center, PA

Also, DarkThreads ( will be vending for the event. We'll be selling guns, gear and ammo on site. We will also be raffling off a brand new UTG Multishot shotgun! Keep in mind that you will need to be 18 or older to participate in the raffle or purchase guns from DarkThreads.

Some additional talking points:
- Check-in for the Zombie Hunt will start at 4PM and skirmishing started by 5. Player enthusiasim and weather will determine how late we play but say 11PM for now?
- Everyone will have to play a zombie at least once.
- Facemasks are strongly encouraged (face and crotch shots increase dramatically in night CQB)
- We're requesting that players dress in anything other than camouflage BDU, black is OK if you anticipate playing a zombie a lot.
- Horror masks and any other Halloween props & costumes are STRONGLY encouraged.
- Price: $3

So, care to test your nerve hunting Zombies at night with 25 rounds of ammo and spring pistol?


4pm - Players begin arriving onsite. Check-in/Chrono
5pm - Starting Gauntlet runs
6pm - Break
7pm - Starting first scenario
- Second scenario
- Third
- Fourth
- Fifth
After Fifth (Est 10-11pm) - Can replay scenarios, can do more gauntlet runs, play until most of the people want to go home


A waiver will be required to play and anyone under the age of 14 needs to be accompanied by a participating adult.

For more info sign up for the DarkThreads forum and post any questions you have.

Click the below to get there and become a member

Monday, September 15, 2008

Multicam Ts, and more!

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We just got these in---Genuine Crye Precision MULTICAM(R) T-shirts, mens L and XL in stock, other sizes available on request...this is a good qualtiy t-shirt! 100 percent cotton, tagless, nice neck band, and extra long. I don't have it listed on just yet, but if you are interested, ping me or Deathidol.

We also got a bunch of uniforms in: BDUs in black, marpat/digital woodland, and urban digital. These are True-Spec brand items and very high quality---not the typical BDUs you find in the army surplus store. I will be updating the store shortly with more photos and information on these products, but I just couldn't wait to blog about it!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I've been a busy little bee, working on the Web site.

After seeing how cool the Firefight! forums are on, we decided to move the Dark Threads forums to Ning also. It was soooo much easier setting up Dark Threads on Ning than it was to configure it on Ning also has lots of cool features for posting photos and video, which I likey.

I also added a little slideshow of products to the darkthreads home page, and I've been filling in the product descriptions little by little. I don't have any fancy software that automatically generates things for me, so I'm DIYing the whole thing, basically. And, I have a day job, so I'm doing this in my "spare" time.

GOOD NEWS: we placed the order for uniforms and should have the first batch in hand soon. That's where we would like to focus our efforts, so if you have any special uniform requests, please let us know! We will be able to carry a very wide range of products in that area so don't hesitate to tell us about your needs there.

IN OTHER NEWS: I am working on designing a uniform for the "Future Warrior" or "Space Marine." I hope to roll out some prototypes next year. What is your vision of the Future Warrior? Any thoughts? Discuss.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


View my page on Firefight!

My MULTICAM wishlist:

I actually don't have a MULTICAM loadout yet. I've been using my woodland camo for playing outdoor games, and that works well for the type of woodland we have in Pennsylvania during the summer. All of my black accessories work with it. At least, I'm happy with the performance of my side-zip tactical boots. I was running around in the wet muck, and they kept me dry.

However, multicam is just a more versatile camo and I would like to build a multicam loadout more suited to outdoor games, and keep the urban digis for indoor/urban play. Here's my MULTICAM wishlist (if an accessory doesn't come in multicam, I would get tan/coyote, or OD green to go with multicam; anything except BLACK):

Baseball cap
Desert goggles
TRUs, top and bottom
Chest Rig
Hydration pack
Mag pouches
Radio pouch
Thigh rig pistol holster
Dump pouch
Knee pads
Desert boots
Magnifying scope with integral rifle mount

Some other things I need to remember for outdoor games:

Telescope or binoculars
High-cap mags

...and leave behind the flashlights, green laser, red/green dot sight that I usually bring for CQB. The training knife I carry was also useless because it's not that easy to get close enough to an opponent in dense underbrush without them hearing you crunching through all the leaves and twigs.


Saturday, September 6, 2008


I totally got schooled today at an outdoor airsoft game. I hadn't played outdoors since last fall, at the zombie game, which was on a farm with trees but not as much underbrush, and a lot of rusted out junk and old buildings---what they would call "open woodland". It was also fall, so there wasn't as much foliage for cover. Today's game was in a JUNGLE by comparison. The play area was huge, and mostly dense woodland/underbrush. Thorns everywhere. Poison ivy---everywhere. There were no discernable trails to my eye. There were many steep slopes. My first challenge of the day was just trying to maneuver through the brush, let alone try to find the opponent. I kept getting caught in the stickers. The foliage was so dense that visibility beyond a few yards was nill. The dynamics of the game were very different from what I was used to. The other folks playing today were familiar with the territory. In the first game, I got my ASS HANDED to me. I didn't even fire a round. However, I did learn a lot about playing this kind of field. After a couple more games, I found my footing, and learned how to work with my teammates to find the objective. I suspect that with practice, it will become easier, but today I was totally challenged. I also realized that I need a totally different loadout configuration for playing that kind of game. A lot of stuff I normally use for CQB was useless (flashlight, green laser, etc.). My little telescope or monocular, and my compass would have come in handy, but I forgot to bring'em.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What the fashionable Space Marines are wearing this season...

Originally uploaded by mirvana

This is my urban-digi loadout for CQB. The photo was taken at Airsoft Assault in Pittsburgh last Monday. We do in fact have most of this stuff available right now for sale, or we will have it in the very near future. From top to bottom:

MICH-style helmet
TRUs in urban digi camo
Chest rig
Rigger's belt
8" tactical side-zip boots (got cut off in this photo)

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or you are interested in any of these products.


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