Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Essential Space Marine Loadout

Let's start off with the basic uniform:
Digital Urban TRUs 2008DEC 014
The Digital Urban pattern is the official pattern for the USSMC for TerrorWerks, and it is also used by law enforcement, special forces, and private security. We recommend the Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) style - $39 each piece, or if you prefer the BDU cut, the Digital Combat uniform is only $28 for each piece. For a belt, choose either the Riggers Belt ($29) or Range Belt ($17) in black. We don't keep a backstock of these Tactical Side-Zip Boots, but we would be happy to order them in your size. For the price ($45) - these are an excellent deal. They kept my feet dry in a very marshy outdoor game.

These Knee Pads will change your game considerably. You won't hesitate to drop down on your knees to dodge the enemy or crouch in ambush.
2008DEC 090 Tornado Tactical Leg Holster
The Tornado Tactical Leg Holster ($30) is also a good idea for carrying a sidearm. It adjusts to fit almost any pistol, and is one of the most comfortable leg rigs I've ever worn.

The Devgru throat mic ($150):
2008DEC 078 - Be the coolest Space Marine on the block!

There are a number of options for body armor, such as this Interceptor Armor ($100):
2008DEC 018 Modular Operator Plate Carrier Vest
Or, you could go with this sleek Modular Operator Plate Carrier ($70; pouches sold separately).

Of course, protective eyewear is essential, but this Save Phace BC7 mask ($74.99, comes with extra lens and stuff bag) looks incredibly cool! These masks have a very sleek profile, excellent peripheral vision, they don't fog up, and they don't get in your way like some other, bulkier paintball masks can. The Phantom style mask ($49.99) would also look good on a Space Marine.

2008DEC 035 2008DEC 071

We also carry MICH-style helmets, similar to these here -

A few last details...
Training Knife
Patrol cap; training knife($12) for those close-quarter melee kills; and NOMEX flight gloves($22).

All of these items are available by ordering directly from, or sending a message to We offer special pricing for TerrorWerks staff.

[DVD] Generation Kill

Was browsing the videos as I usually do at Sam's club, and what do I find? Generation Kill, an absolutely brilliant HBO mini-series, is out now and I couldn't resist picking it up. It's about the First Recon marines who were sent to Iraq when the war first began. A reporter from Rolling Stone magazine was embedded with them, and the story is based on a book of the same name that he wrote about his experiences there.

When it first aired on HBO, I DVR'd it, and I watched each episode several times. It truly was a ground-breaking, innovative series, based on a true story. There aren't really any good guys or bad guys in this; the characters are real, believable, fallible people, and in some cases, the actors are actually the real people that the story is based on (they consulted with marines in the First Recon to work on the film). It certainly depicts modern "warfare" from a different, very realistic perspective.

So guess what I'm doing on this Christmas Eve...totally checking out the extra features...

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Monday, December 22, 2008

New Shopping Cart!

I just finished replacing all of the e-Commerce forms on the site to point to the new shopping cart. They went directly to Paypal before, but now when you click that Add to cart button, you go to a feature-rich cart that offers more options for shipping and using coupons and discounts. Speaking of which, we are currently offering special discounts to groups, and those of you who will be attending The Zone or WHFO2 events, and for Space Marines participating in TerrorWerks at MegaCon or Origins. Please contact for more details.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gearing up for Events

I haven't posted here in a little while and I have some catching up to do! DI and I are looking forward to the events we have planned for next year and we are ordering in stock and working on our own loadouts.

Firstly, there's The Zone, Jan. 10, at Wayne's World of Paintball, Ocala, FL - a unique experience you won't want to miss! We donated some very cool prizes from our store to be given away at this event.

Then, there's The Shot Show, Jan. 14-19, 2009, Orlando, FL - uh, not an airsoft event, but we'll be there!

Next, When Hell Freezes Over 2, Feb. 7-8, 2009, at Battlefront Paintball, Hubbard, OH - This looks like its going to be really awesome. The site is the ruins of an old factory from WWII. We will be vending at this event. DI and I are working on our multicam loadouts for this one.

MegaCon, Feb. 28 - March 1, Orlando, FL - Terrorwerks! - Help save humanity, and see the universe, as a United States Space Marine! The Space Marine loadout is very high-tech and sophisticated in order to deal with the aliens and zombies and whatever else threatens our very existence! Check out the new Gallery space on our Web site with photos from TerrorWerks events that we did this year.

...and we're also planning on being at Origins, DragonCon, and maybe even GenCon next year, too.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Multicam loadout, CA Sportline M15A4 Carbine

Multicam loadout, CA Sportline M15A4 Carbine
Originally uploaded by mirvana

Multicam loadout, CA Sportline M15A4 Carbine, Save Phace mask (BC7 - the "predator"), and NOMEX flight gloves. We currently have some multicam BDUs in stock, a few of the sportlines, the gloves, shemagh, and the mask. I think I'm going multicam for WHFO2. The uniform restrictions are Tan vs. Green, so that would put me on the Tan side, but I'll probably be in the vending area most of the weekend.

Do you have everything you need for your loadout for WHFO2? If not, let us know and we'll try to get you hooked up in time for the event. Just ping me or DI.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Social networks for airsoft

I recently joined - an international social network for airsofters
(My profile).

And, upon discovering Twitter groups, I just created this one - .

Saturday, December 6, 2008

On TV: Shadow Force

DI and I have really been enjoying this show on the History Channel lately:

Shadow Force

Shadow Force showcases the history of unconventional military operations through the eyes of an elite team operating in the modern day and offers one of the first real insights into the high-stakes world of private military operations. The Special Forces soldiers do what governments and aid agencies cannot—from combating piracy in Liberia, to stopping illegal forestation and saving rare mountain gorillas in the Congo, to setting up an alert system to help stop tribal wars in Kenya, to tracking illegal ivory into the black market.

Oh, and just in case I forget to mention it, tomorrow is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Event Announcement: The Zone

DarkThreads is proud to be a sponsor of:

MindGame Productions

The Zone
January 10, 2009
Wayne’s World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
9am - Midnight (?)


Download your Players Pack!
Full of event details, factions and life in the Zone!

The Zone Forums now open!

Event Registration now open!

The Zone is a unique airsoft experience drawn from the Russian novel “Roadside Picnic”, the “STALKER” film, and video games based on the novel. Set in the contaminated wastelands of the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation, Ukrainian troops, paramilitary factions and lone stalkers fight to control or reveal the secrets of the Zone and seek fortune through scavenging scraps of classified technology and strange, unearthly artifacts. The Zone is a grim and deadly place, full of radioactive pockets, unexplained anomalies, mutated horrors and ruthless killers. But it is said that within, a man can find treasure beyond his wildest dreams…

Mindgame Productions Presents its first event of 2009 and we are kicking it into high gear. From book to movie to video game now we bring the action to life as you enter the ZONE! So break out the old MOPP suits, Geiger counters and yourself for our must intense and immersive event yet. Help us start 2009 with the biggest bang yet!
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