Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Essential Space Marine Loadout

Let's start off with the basic uniform:
Digital Urban TRUs 2008DEC 014
The Digital Urban pattern is the official pattern for the USSMC for TerrorWerks, and it is also used by law enforcement, special forces, and private security. We recommend the Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) style - $39 each piece, or if you prefer the BDU cut, the Digital Combat uniform is only $28 for each piece. For a belt, choose either the Riggers Belt ($29) or Range Belt ($17) in black. We don't keep a backstock of these Tactical Side-Zip Boots, but we would be happy to order them in your size. For the price ($45) - these are an excellent deal. They kept my feet dry in a very marshy outdoor game.

These Knee Pads will change your game considerably. You won't hesitate to drop down on your knees to dodge the enemy or crouch in ambush.
2008DEC 090 Tornado Tactical Leg Holster
The Tornado Tactical Leg Holster ($30) is also a good idea for carrying a sidearm. It adjusts to fit almost any pistol, and is one of the most comfortable leg rigs I've ever worn.

The Devgru throat mic ($150):
2008DEC 078 - Be the coolest Space Marine on the block!

There are a number of options for body armor, such as this Interceptor Armor ($100):
2008DEC 018 Modular Operator Plate Carrier Vest
Or, you could go with this sleek Modular Operator Plate Carrier ($70; pouches sold separately).

Of course, protective eyewear is essential, but this Save Phace BC7 mask ($74.99, comes with extra lens and stuff bag) looks incredibly cool! These masks have a very sleek profile, excellent peripheral vision, they don't fog up, and they don't get in your way like some other, bulkier paintball masks can. The Phantom style mask ($49.99) would also look good on a Space Marine.

2008DEC 035 2008DEC 071

We also carry MICH-style helmets, similar to these here -

A few last details...
Training Knife
Patrol cap; training knife($12) for those close-quarter melee kills; and NOMEX flight gloves($22).

All of these items are available by ordering directly from, or sending a message to We offer special pricing for TerrorWerks staff.
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