Sunday, September 7, 2008

My MULTICAM wishlist:

I actually don't have a MULTICAM loadout yet. I've been using my woodland camo for playing outdoor games, and that works well for the type of woodland we have in Pennsylvania during the summer. All of my black accessories work with it. At least, I'm happy with the performance of my side-zip tactical boots. I was running around in the wet muck, and they kept me dry.

However, multicam is just a more versatile camo and I would like to build a multicam loadout more suited to outdoor games, and keep the urban digis for indoor/urban play. Here's my MULTICAM wishlist (if an accessory doesn't come in multicam, I would get tan/coyote, or OD green to go with multicam; anything except BLACK):

Baseball cap
Desert goggles
TRUs, top and bottom
Chest Rig
Hydration pack
Mag pouches
Radio pouch
Thigh rig pistol holster
Dump pouch
Knee pads
Desert boots
Magnifying scope with integral rifle mount

Some other things I need to remember for outdoor games:

Telescope or binoculars
High-cap mags

...and leave behind the flashlights, green laser, red/green dot sight that I usually bring for CQB. The training knife I carry was also useless because it's not that easy to get close enough to an opponent in dense underbrush without them hearing you crunching through all the leaves and twigs.

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