Monday, August 10, 2009

We are back!

...and have a lot of catching up to do before we head out again to GenCon. We will be there as PMCs in Mindgame/PST production's TerrorWerks - an airsoft LARP. Please stop by and check it out this weekend.

"Gen Con Indy is the original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world. For over 40 years, Gen Con Indy has been setting the trend and breaking records. Last year, more than 28,000 unique attendees experienced Gen Con Indy. The biggest complaint we hear is that there is simply too much to do, see, and experience. Get lost in a phantasm of art exhibits. Stare at jaw-dropping costumes, or better yet, wear one of your own. Meet the movers and the shakers in the gaming industry. Check out the newest games and get a sneak peek at the latest editions."

"Welcome to TerrorWerks™ is a fast paced, adrenaline fueled thrill ride that pits your wits and skills inside a customized, fully interactive set. Using special effects, interactive props, a riveting storyline, and armed with specially designed AirSoft weapons, you are thrust into a world where each decision will have your fate hanging in the balance. So gear up and get ready for a ride, lock and load!"
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