Sunday, September 13, 2009

Upcoming MGP Airsoft Events:

Eclipse: Deep Umbra
September 26th, 2009
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$35 Advance Registration / $40 Walk-On

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Join us on September 26th for the first of what is projected to be a three-part game series. The United States has been devasted by an attack crippling the power and communications infrastructure. In the months of hunger, riots and chaos that follow... sections of the former United States fragment into successionist regimes, while the military and government struggle for control of what few shreds of America remain. Deep Umbra is the first of the Eclipse event trilogy, a three part mil-sim campaign in the ravaged remains of America projected to span Florida, Virginia and Georgia. Choose your side... choose what you will fight for when the lights go out.

Visit the Deep Umbra Forums at for the full backstory on the Deep Umbra series.

Eclipse Scenario One : Deep Umbra

The Governor of Florida remains loyal to the President. He has National Guard and State Troopers working to restore order within Florida and distribute the limited food and water resources.

An airman from McDill AFB manages to steal a MK87 SADM, man-portable nuclear device, from the SOCOM arsenal, presumably with the intent to sell the device to New America. A Department of Energy Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST) is sent by the CivGov to recover the device before it crosses into New America or can be recovered by MilGov forces.

While the governor is loyal to the CivGov, a sizable portion of the Florida population in central and north Florida are sympathetic to the ideals of New America and its hardline stance of America for Americans and a rejection of immigrants and foreigners as having weakened the country to the point of its present collapse.

MilGov and CivGov forces mobilize in central Florida, drawing in around the suspected location of the stolen SADM. National Guard and security forces contracted by the governor move to block MivGov personnel from impeding the NEST personnel recovering the device. Without warning, troops from New America cross into Florida to "protect the liberty" of Americans wishing to join the New American Confederation. The speed at which the New American troops are travelling leaves little doubt that they want to recover the SADM for their own military.


MultiCam - MilGov Troops
ACU - National Guard (CivGov)
Tan/Coyote - State Troopers (CivGov)
Black - Local Law Enforcement (CivGov)
Olive Drab - Nuclear Emergency Support Team (CivGov)
Woodland/MARPAT - New America
Civilian - Floridians

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Mark your calendars for November 7th as MGP presents... The Wasteland!

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