Monday, June 14, 2010

Save your face with a Save Phace Tactical Mask

As much as I love my sunglasses and goggles, some situations just call for a full-face mask, such as paintball, airsoft, or CQB training.

I always hated wearing full face masks until...I found Save Phace - the best mask that I personally have ever used, because of it's sleek low profile, it's resistance to fogging up on my extremely sweaty head*, and they are actually very comfortable to wear. That's why we carry the full line of Save Phace tactical masks, and I just updated our Web store to make sure that we have all of the different styles listed. I should probably also mention that these masks sport some really, really cool graphics:

There is a Save Phace mask for every budget. Prices range from $49.99 for the Diss Series, to the really radical Tagged Series, which features a custom paint job. You would normally pay around $350 for something on that level, but these are going for a cool $129.99, while supplies last. We have lots of masks in stock right now, even some limited editions that are becoming harder to find, and all the extras you might need, like spare lenses and cleaning kits. Please check them out in our store! Thanks.

*Being descended from a people that lived on a cold wet island, my head will perspire if either the temperature or humidity cracks 70.
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