Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Airsoft Ohio Event] Outbreak 3: Containment, Battlefront Paintball, July 17

We will be attending/vending at this event.

Location: 5600 West Liberty Street, Hubbard, Ohio
Entry Fee: $25
Minimum Age: 14
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal goggles
Magazine restrictions: Mid caps

The outbreak series has returned!!
Event will be held at Battlefront Paintball, 5600 W. Liberty Street, Hubbard, Ohio.

Event Sponsors:
Amped Airsoft-
Combat Depot-
Woodville Surplus-
Dark Threads-

Three years ago a mysterious and deadly outbreak plagued Central Ohio. The dead came back to life and feasted on the flesh of the living. In order to quarantine the virus, the U.S. Military and the United Nations quickly built a 50 foot tall wall that covered 350 miles of Central Ohio. Within those walls more than 300,000 people perished, and any remaining survivors are unreachable. The Umbrella Corporation was put on trial, however there was a lack of substantial evidence due to the Umbrella facility being destroyed, so they got away with mass murder.
The Umbrella Corporation has now been forced to do all experiments underground, and is constantly being watched by the newly formed International Containment Unit or ICU. The ICU has been working on an anti-virus, but they have made very little progress. Little did ICU know that Umbrella was doing the same, and sending their own scientists into the quarantine zone to obtain samples of the virus. During a flight back to the main Umbrella lab in New York, an Umbrella Scientist who was unknowingly infected began feasting on his fellow colleagues. An Umbrella soldier attempted to kill the zombie scientist, but instead breached the hull of the plane causing it to crash in the outskirts of Hubbard, Ohio. When Umbrella lost communication with their plane they dispatched their quick reaction force to clean up the mess, and prevent yet another outbreak. An Umbrella Official has called in the ICU to quarantine the city because there have been rumors of a possible new slow spreading virus strain in the city. ICU orders are to keep all civilians in the containment zone and perform blood tests on all civilians to determine if they are infected. Lethal force has been authorized for ICU to use on all civilians who do not comply. Can the UBCS reach the crash site in time? Can the ICU keep the city quarantined? Will you survive the outbreak?

UBCS-Black Gear only-Full
International Containment Unit(ICU)-Desert based BDU's-50 slots available
Civilians-Civilian based, No BDU's-100 slot available

For general rules, see Airsoft Ohio Forums > Events > Public

Entry Fee
$25 Registration Opens 4/13 Ends 7/1
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