Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update: Radio Headsets

Just added a bunch more headset options for 2-way radios to our Web store. We selected these styles as being appropriate for a variety of different applications, but they're particularly good for military, law enforcement, airsoft or paintball. And, there's a style to fit every budget.
First up, we have the Razor - a lightweight, behind the head style, single speaker, with noise-canceling flexible boom mic, and water-resistant PTT button. Starting at $59.95*, this is a great, very affordable headset.

Next up, the CrewChief - another behind the head design that is both lightweight and rugged. It has an adjustable sizing bar, noise-canceling flexible boom mic, and water-resistant PTT button. Starting at $89.95*

The Modular Commander Military/Tactical Headset is a great buy at $90 (requires junction box and connector cable sold separately). This heavy-duty, adjustable behind the head design has a true noise canceling flexible boom mic, in-line PTT button options, and Tygon clear acoustic audio tube for extreme noise conditions. It's also weather resistant, and the speaker is encased in weather resistant housing on the back of the headband.

And for those who are totally serious about their communication gear, we have the Squadcom Tactical Helmet Communications Kit. This is a helmet-mounted kit that clips to a SWAT or military helmet. Includes swivel earpiece to attach to the inside of helmet, noise canceling flexible boom mic that attaches to the helmet chin strap, and water-proof PTT button capsule that includes steel cap. The radio connector cable secures into headset chamber and is sealed with an O-ring. Um...yeah. Starting at $279*

Group discounts are available! Please contact for more info.

*When purchasing, choose the appropriate connector for your radio model. Please refer to this connector chart when choosing your connector. Some connectors cost an additional amount to the base price.
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