Saturday, November 13, 2010

OP: Red Dawn II at Synergy in OH

Sorry for the short notice, but Dark Threads will be at this event tomorrow, and is actually on site right now. More info in this thread -



....At Synergy Woods paintball...

26 years ago during the height of The Cold War, MGM released a film set on an alternate time line that depicted the invasion of the United States by communist forces...........

May 1984: An unusually cold and long winter has caused widespread famine in Russia.......... The Green Party gains control of the West German
government, and demands that the U.S. pull all nukes and troops out of the country - NATO dissolves............ Emboldened and encouraged by the U.S.S.R, Cuba and Nicaragua plunge Central America in to revolution, which spreads to Mexico.

September 1984: Soviet Forces cross the Bering Strait in to Alaska and storm through Canada, right to America's farming heartland. Cuban and Nicaraguan forces invade from the south across the Rio Grande in to Texas. America is cut in two, with Communist forces occupying from The Rockies to The Mississippi. Europe, still weary from the first two World Wars, remains neutral. The United Kingdom is committed to the liberation of Canada before assisting the U.S. America stands alone.............

October 1984: Calumet City, Colorado sits on the eastern edge of the Rockies and is a Communist outpost (Sector 8). The town is under martial law and is home to a "re-education" camp that houses political prisoners. A
local resistance, mostly made up of teenagers, calls itself the "Wolverines," after the high school sports mascot. The Wolverines conduct a guerrilla war against the occupiers with hit and run attacks. Their success and increasing numbers have demoralized the Cuban forces. Soviet Spetsnaz are called in to eliminate the Wolverine threat. The U.S. Army sends a Special Forces Team to train and equip the Wolverines, and also engage the Spetznaz. The Wolverines liberate the Re-Education Camp, and gain control of the town. The SF Team then withdraws with the liberated prisoners for medical attention and debriefing. Wolverine Guerrillas are left in control of Calumet City. There ends Red Dawn I.

Red Dawn II
November 1985: Canada has been liberated and allied forces are now in the U.S. pushing the Central American Forces southeast from the west coast. Calumet City is secured by the Wolverines but kept peaceful by it's Police Department which answers to the new, warlord like commander of the
Wolverines - whose camp is outside but close to town. These Wolverines are not the same partisans who liberated the town. Some members have gone back to civilian life in Calumet and others have been KIA securing the town. It's ranks have been filled with Cuban defectors, Allied deserters and survivors of other guerrilla factions. Very few have ties to Calumet City. Residents are noticing a stronger Wolverine presence in the city. Grateful for their protection, but resentful of their "us first" attitude when it comes to resources, residents begin complaining to Police of trading one occupier for another. With their hands tied, the police attempt to act as a buffer between the residents and the Wolverines, hoping for the war to end soon enough to end the unrest. Events spiral out of control. A resident is executed by the Wolverines for "treason" (denying access to his food stores). Residents frustrated by police inaction in turn beat a Wolverine caught alone half to death. The Wolverine commander then orders the Police Dept to arrest the residents responsible and turn them over. The Police Chief refuses and asks for U.S. Army assistance. The unrest does
not go unnoticed by Cuban Forces who have good intelligence on Calumet City. Retaking it would give them a valuable defensive position against U.K. and Canadian forces pushing across the Rockies. The U.S. Army knows this also and sends back the same SF Team that trained and assisted the Wolverines one year ago, hoping they can defuse the situation and keep things calm until the arrival of allied forces.

Tan Side
Cuban Forces - DCU, ACU and other tan based BDU's only. NO MULTI CAM

Spetznaz - Stand by for further info

Green Side
Wolverines - Any green based BDU, civilian attire or a combination thereof.
Special Forces Team is NWOA, no spots are open. BDU pattern yet to be determined.

Police Department is TF 150, no spots are open. Black/Blue based BDU's

Calumet City Residents: Civilian attire only, No military clothing or hats, (except boots) no vests, LBE or drop leg holsters. All pouches and holsters must be on a belt. All long guns must be on a sling. Shoulder holsters are allowed. Basically your chest and back (camelbacks and civilian back packs are okay) must be visible and you should be able to use both hands freely. If you think it might get you mistaken for a green or tan member, DON'T WEAR IT! Put civilian next to your name when signing up on the green side.
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