Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TacOps 2: Dec. 11

VTI Tactical and MindGame Productions Presents...

Saturday, December 11, 2010
9am - 6pm
Orlando, Florida

$50advance registration
Event STRICTLY limited to 50players maximum!
Pre-registration required for this event. We must submit names to site security/

Registration open now at

VTI Tactical with the support of MindGame Productions presents TacOps, a new series of events and training classes oriented primarily toward the milsim and tactical simulation player community.

The secondTacOps event will be held at the CSENTRI tactical training facility in Orlando, Florida. This event will be held in the south annex, an 80,000 square foot CQB complex of rooms, halls and stairs. Future TacOps events, classes and competitions will utilize other areas and assets at the CSENTRI facility as well as other locations in Florida.

This TacOps event is STRICTLY limited to 50players so advance registration is STRONGLY encouraged.

Standard MGP/FA rules are in effect. A full face-mask, shemagh or sports mouth-guard is STRONGLY encouraged for this event due to CQB layout and potential of accidental engagements within bang-out range.

Force dynamics will be shifted with every mission based on the type of scenario. We just ask that you wear a "complete" uniform in one of the following patterns to be clearly recognized and sign up during registration with your intended uniform so we can anticipate the basic team structures.


Please Note: CSENTRI is a professional training facility for military, law enforcement, security personnel and defense contractors. All weapons must be transported into the facility within bags or cases, no exposed weapons will be taken outside of the designated training area. No horseplay and listen to your admin staff! You're going to love this venue, but we want to make sure to maintain our welcome! Simply put... act like a monkey... and you're out.

For more information on the facility, click on the following video link:

This event will be held in the south annex, discussed near the end of the video. Future events and training classes will be held in other sections of the facility and using other facility assets for smaller groups of milsim/tacsim enthusiasts.

- 18+ game
- CSENTRI Facility Orlando - Addressed to be published later
- 9am start. Onsite registration opens 8am
- $50online pre-registration
- 400fps maximum. 350fps preferred. NO SNIPER WEAPONS.
- Mid/Low-Cap Magazines
- Bio BBs not required, but no clear Biovals
- Uniform options: Black, Olive Drab, MultiCam, ACU, Woodland, Tigerstripe, MARPAT, Coyote/Khaki, Civilian attire

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