Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Upcoming MGP event: Op Red Valley, Lithia, FL

MindGame Productions presents...

Operation Red Valley
February 26-27, 2011
$45 Pre-Reg / $55 Onsite
DV8 Field, Lithia, FL

Registration opening soon with launch of new website!

24 Hour game at the DV8 field with military vehicles, props and special effects!

The Republic of San Marcos was small but important part of America's containment of Latin American communist expansion through-out the Cold War. The actions of the military of San Marcos and its secret police force often raised global outrage in their suppression of Cuban backed insurgents, but the US remained a staunch ally and financial supporter in its efforts to stave off the "domino effect" through Latin America in the 70s and 80s.

In the decades since the end of the Cold War, the Republic of San Marcos has largely fallen into insignificance. With the end of Soviet and Cuban support, the insurgency largely faded away. Tourism picked up for the beaches of San Marcos and the government eased many of its internal policies, needing new sources of revenue as American financial and military assistance dropped away. All things considered, life in San Marcos has been reasonably good for some time and the youngest generation has enjoyed growing up without knowing of war.

That is until 2008, when President Ferdinand Madrazo elected to office. Madrazo begin slowly tightening the grip of the military and rebuilding his internal security forces. Taxation of the tourism industry and trade threatened to choke off many private businesses and slowed foreign investment. The new tax revenue flooded into government coffers and private accounts of Madrazo and his cabinet.

By 2010, the country was back in the throes of armed insurgency. The old generation of leftist radicals found fertile ground for revolution in their children and grandchildren. The insurgency was fed by funding and weapons arriving from Cuba and Venezuela. The US has reluctantly send teams of military advisors into San Marcos at the request of Madrazo. A political embarrassment, the US hopes to change Madrazo's policies in time while preventing Cuba and Venezuela from destabilizing the region and causing the conflict to spread.

US Advisors

San Marcos Ministry of Defense Troops

San Marcos Ministry of Interior Troops

Any uniform of combination of uniform and civilian clothing except for ACU, ABU and Multicam. Insurgents wear a blue bandanna (provided).

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