Tuesday, February 21, 2012

USMSC at MegaCon 2012

We had a blast at MegaCon this year with Mindgame Productions and the United States Marine Space Corps in Orlando, FL. Some of my favorite moments, captured here:
Mac briefing a group of players before they go into the simulation. 
USMSC group photo


It's THAT guy

A team prepares to enter the simulation
MindGame Productions is the longest running airsoft-events company on the east coast. Established in early 2005, MGP is based in Florida with team members spread through Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. Company events have been focused in Florida, but MGP has also run events in Ohio, Indiana and is always looking for opportunities to develop new events in the south-east.

The USMSC is an organization for fans of the military sci-fi genre. Whether you're a fan of military sci-fi authors, or you love films or tv shows such as Aliens, Starship Troopers, Stargate-1, BSG and others... all are welcome in the USMSC. Our organization celebrates the comraderie, drama, epic struggle and the horror of the military experience as realized in everything sci-fi.
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