Monday, March 19, 2012

Best of: tactical baseball caps

After trying many many many tactical baseball caps, we have boiled it down to these three, which we think are the best options for the money. All are well designed and constructed, reasonably priced, and we have them in stock. 

Best MultiCam baseball cap
...and the winner is... the Tru-Spec Contractor Cap! Classic baseball cap design, made from 50/50 nylon cotton ripstop, adjustable, with loop fastener on front, back, and the little square on the top. 

Best solid-color baseball cap
We're going with the Woolrich Elite Operator Hat, a classic! Adjustable, 100% cotton, with loop fastener on front, back and top square. Comes in Khaki, Black, and OD Green. 

Best baseball cap for shooting

Milspec Monkey Cool Guy Hat DLUX - The foundation is a FlexFit hat, which comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. Has big loop fastener panels, front, back, and top square. All edges have been sewn down for super smooth no snag functionality. Just in case, cord hangs from the bottom back as a lanyard attach point if high speed adventure comes your way. But they didn't stop there. It features integrated hearing protection. Plugs are included, however the user can use any that are screw-in compatible. Also comes in a RAW version, without the earplugs. Contact for more info. 

With summer coming, you can't afford not to have this essential item for keeping the sun off your brow.  Please, check them out! 
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