Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gear Spotting: Gargoyles Classic

Stefan and I just watched this movie again (The Terminator, 1984):

An iconic movie for its time, and those iconic sunglasses that Arnold is wearing are none other than the Gargoyles Classic. Yes, they've been around that long, and they are still as cool as ever.
They also happen to be shatter-resistant ballistic defense lenses, making them great for shooting, cycling, law enforcement, military, and other applications. Summer is just about here, so be sure you have a great pair of shades like these.

The lenses come in black ice (shown), clear, blue, and grey, and they are available now in our store.

We also have the 85s - a slightly smaller version of the Classic (85% the size of the orginal), designed to fit smaller faces.

As always, we offer FREE shipping on eyewear. Would you like to know more? Please contact
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