Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update: Operation Shattered Union, West Point, VA, 10/13

Operation Shattered Union 2

October 13, 2012
G4S/ITI Training Facility
WestPoint, VA

$85 pre-registration / $100 onsite

Download the event players pack

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MindGame Productions and the Dogs of War continue MAAPR’s Shattered
Union legacy with Operation Shattered Union 2.

The year is now 2028, seven years after the pandemic that ravaged the
nation and brought the United States to its knees. State and local
militias protect the population in the hollowed shells of towns and
cities against warlords and rival states. The remnants of the federal
government still operate with what armed forces remain loyal to
Washington, D.C., supported by the hired guns of private military
companies. But Washington is the titular capital of a failed state --
barely able to protect its own population and supplies-- much less
restore law and order to the shattered union.

After the failed attempt of the Virginian Commonwealth to seize the
Upper Marlboro Water Treatment Facility in 2026, famine and illness
has further weakened the cities of the Commonwealth. Emboldened by
their success in Upper Marlboro, the Maryland Defense Force has
conducted regular raids south and taken hundreds of captives to work
in the Maryland collective farms.

The fortunes of the Commonwealth took a new turn when Richmond
brokered a deal with the Research Triangle Enclave to bring a team of
agricultural scientists to bring their skills, new techniques and
strains of engineered crops into the Commonwealth. Food production
increased within months.

The success of the Enclave’s agri-science has not gone unnoticed. The
Marylanders have raised an army to strike deep into the Virginian
heartland. Their goal is to capture the scientists and their research
for the Maryland collective farms and prevent Virginia from regaining
its strength as a nation-state that threatens Maryland’s own borders.

Recognizing the value of the science and the impending chaos from the
Maryland invasion, the Miscreants are preparing to enter the fray. A
loose confederation of outlaw gangs and criminals, it is still unknown
if the miscreants will throw their lot behind Maryland or Virginia in
exchange for supplies, food and gold… or if the Miscreants will try
and seize the prize themselves to sell to the highest bidder among any
of a dozen east-coast nation- and city-states trying to feed their

Welcome to Operation Shattered Union 2!

Operation Shattered Union 2 will be held at the G4S/ITI Training
Facility located between Richmond and Williamsburg, just off of
Interstate 64, adjacent to the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport.
ITI’s facility encompasses an urban operations site, woods, off-road
tracks, junked car graveyards and more!

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