Sunday, November 9, 2008


I had alot of fun at airsoft assault yesterday. I was there at 9 am to participate in a Firefight theme game hosted by the Ghost Walkers, and we also brought the DarkThreads store to vend our wares.

The theme of this game was GI Joe. The Firefight ruleset makes it more of a LARP than just a skirmish. Players get points and certain attributes to play with, and in addition to fighting off the enemy, they might have other problems to solve. In this particular game, a smoke machine simulated "toxic gas" and the players had to wear gas masks while searching for components to repair the ventilation system. They also had to "hack" into a computer system in order to turn on the lights (we started the game with lights out), and they had to fend off mooks, henchmen, robots, and a remote controlled "tank." I was a mook/henchman on the Cobra team, so my job was to harass the Joes and thwart them from their objectives. It was fun, yeah. Maybe next time I'll play a Joe. So far, I've earned 12 experience points for playing OPFOR.

Around 3pm-ish, AA opened up for regular play and they ran the bank heist scenario again. I wanted to play, but having already played all morning made me pretty tired, so I just minded the store and hung out in the staging area. From what I could tell, the bank heist must have been a good time, as well.

It was a long day. By the time DI and I got home last night, we were both dead tired. I feel pretty good today, tho, after soaking in a hot tub. :)

NEW DarkThreads Gear!
We rolled out some new uniform styles this weekend. We now have tiger stripe camo, and a digital version of multicam, called X-Camo (not a Crye-licensed product, but very convincing anyway). DI set up the table with a sample of each uniform and the Save Phace mask to go with it. We have a Save Phace mask for every loadout! I will blog about this in more detail later, after I get all the photos up.

Did I mention that I'm revamping the darkthreads online store? I'm hoping to roll out the new site very soon, so stay tuned.
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