Thursday, April 23, 2009

Come on, baby, Light My Fire

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So I got this stuff with camping in mind. What you see here is a "mini" fire bowl that folds up like those vegetable steamers that you find in every kitchen (but no one every uses), and a little grill sized to match. The grill disassembles into basically a pile of metal sticks and they all shove into the larger of the metal tubes, so this stuff packs up very small, which is great for backpacking.

P1040115 P1040113

Also pictured above is the Swedish Firesteel, which works even when wet. I'm definitely putting one of these into my survival kit/bug-out bag, because its good to have more than one means of building a fire.

The firesteel is already listed in the store, along with a bunch of other cool camping stuff, in the Survival section.

If you are interested in the mini fire bowl and grill, just contact, and we'd be glad to order them in for you.

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