Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OP: Diamond Dogs - UPDATE

Diamond Dogs
Memorial Day Weekend

May 22-24, 2009
Camp Blanding MOUT Site
Starke, FL

$85 Advance Registration prior to May 11th
$100 after May 11th and for Walk-On Registrations

Player's Pack now available for download at

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World News Network 4/22/09 - Liberian Warlord, General Siaka Roosevelt Jackson, has consolidated forces near the town of Lago in Sierra Leone. Jackson is far from beaten and fresh troops being are being trucked into Sierra Leone along his supply routes. Unlike other African Warlords, Jackson has put the substantial resources at his disposal to use in hiring highly skilled western mercenaries as the shock troops of his army. African militia troops are used primarily to safeguard his supply routes and control the Liberian border, and Jackson's wealth continues to attract experienced western mercenaries in his bid to conquer neighboring Sierra Leone.

Despite sanctions and threats of action, the UN Security Council remains divided on how to address the situation in West Africa. At this time a peacekeeping force of US troops, augmented by French Foreign Legionnaires, has set up checkpoints to monitor and observe Jackson's forces and prevent him from resuming offensive operations.

Publically denouncing the UN and US hesitancy of direct involvement in West African politics, a consortium of European, American and South African corporations with business interests in the region have begun to hire additional security forces from private military contractors. Spokespersons explain that the build up of contractors is to safeguard their regional interests, but WNN military analysts suspect that these corporations are quietly building a military force capable of offensive operations against General Jackson should the UN and US continue to delay direct action.

Teams and Uniforms

Peacekeeping Forces:
U.S. Peacekeeping Forces - ACU
French Foreign Legion - Olive Drab

Mercenary Forces:
General Jackson's Mercenary Army - Multicam
Strategic Resource Consultants - MARPAT, Woodland Patterns
Fenris Group - Khaki
Ravenwood - Three Color Desert, Desert Digital
Saber Industries - Black, Urban

Please read our Basic Event Rules before registering for this event.

Please note your UNIFORM CHOICE when signing up! Units will have set capacity so be sure you sign up with your teammates! Sign up now so squad and platoon organization can begin!

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