Tuesday, July 21, 2009

UPDATE: New Products, Restocks, and I Really Like These Gloves

We've had these listed in the store ever since they first came out, and since then I've had a chance to roll with them through a few airsoft events, and I must say, these are really nice Camelbak gloves.

Camelbak® Hi-Tec Impact II CT Tactical Glove

They are thickly padded where you need it, but still very flexible and comfortable to wear. I also like how the palms and fingertips have "sticky" spots to help you get a grip on things. I can also appreciate any glove that comes in a size to fit my small hands (and they range up to XXL). I've looked at a lot of other gloves in this price range, and these are currently my favorite.

NEW Products: TRU-SPEC Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe

This pattern was worn by US special forces in Vietnam and works well in jungle and dense foliage terrain. And it looks cool.

We also have the tiger t-shirts, and the desert tiger boonies in stock, and will be getting more!

In Other News:
I also added the Airrage and Brick styles to our WileyX eyewear offerings. Both of these sunglasses have light-adjusting lenses, which is why they are a bit spendy compared to the other styles, but ever since I started wearing light-adjusting lenses, I think it's well worth it, especially if you do a lot of driving, are in and out of doors, or in changing environment conditions. Both styles feature a removable foam gasket (facial cavity seal) for protection from dust and wind, etc.

WileyX Airrage - designed to fit smaller faces

WileyX Brick - designed to fit larger faces

Digging through the inventory...
We happened to find some TRU-SPEC MULTICAM Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) pants
in the following sizes: Medium-Regular, Large-Regular, and XL-Regular. The MC TRUs are really hard to keep in stock because they are so popular, so take advantage of this opportunity while you have a chance! Order from our Web site, or contact for more info. We also have the TRU MULTICAM Combat Shirt in Small and 2XL in stock.
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