Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WileyX: The Best Darn Sunglasses I Ever Had, and There's Something for Everyone

One of the interesting directions we find our small business moving in lately is providing affordably-priced, high-quality eyewear. It has always been important to us to have good eye protection for whatever situation we might be in, and we also realize that choosing eyewear can be a very personal process, so that's why we offer so many different options. I just added a bunch of new products to the Web store from WileyX - one of our favorite brands because of the excellent value for the price - and I think there's something here to suit anyone.

Tactical Goggles

WileyX XL-1 Advanced - This was my first pair of WileyX's and I liked them so much that I got another pair with my prescription lenses installed (I gave the old ones - still very good - to one of my friends in the military stationed overseas). This particular style is very versatile and can be worn as a full seal goggle with the removable foam gasket and elastic strap, or as regular sunglasses. The basic package includes interchangeable smoke and clear lenses. A polarized lens option is available by special order.

The SG-1 also changes easily from goggle to sunglasses and they are "AUTHORIZED FOR USE BY THE U.S. AND DANISH MILITARY." They have a modular design where each removable lens has a foam gasket, and the temples (arms) can be removed and replaced with a wide elastic strap. Also comes with interchangeable smoke and clear lenses. NVG compatible. GSA approved. We also have the SG-1 V-Cut version, which has controlled ventilation.

The Spear goggle also "MEETS M-IL-V-43511C BALLISTIC REQUIREMENT," and it's darn sexy, too. It comes with interchangeable smoke and clear one-piece lenses, and it is NVG compatible (and GSA approved). This style also accepts the Rx lens insert.

Here's another one-piece lens style that converts easily from goggle to ballistic sunglasses - the CQC goggle. The temples (arms) can be changed out for the wide elastic strap, and it comes with interchangeable smoke and clear lenses. "MEETS VO BALLISTIC IMPACT TEST MIL-PRF-31013. MEETS ANSI HIGH VELOCITY IMPACT STANDARD." GSA approved and is compatible with the Rx insert.

The Nerve goggle frame is available in black, green, or tan, and comes with a matching color sleeve, smoke and clear lenses, case and strap. This goggle was designed to fit both men and women and has a very low profile. It has a symmetrical ventilation system to keep you fog free; NVG compatible, and GSA approved.

Cycling, Active, Outdoors

A friend of mine who is an avid cyclist has these babies on his wishlist - PT-3. I can see why. They are sleek, lightweight, and strong. They're also versatile because you can change out the lens, and there's an Rx insert available.

Another style that's sure to be popular with cyclists is new from WileyX this year - P-17. The ones we have in stock come with polarized lenses, strap, leash cord, case, etc.

Why Polarized Lenses?
Polarized lenses have a special filter that cuts down on the amount of blinding glare you might get from reflective surfaces, such as water, and snow, and they also help to increase your visual acuity (sharpness) in bright light conditions. When I'm wearing my Zak sunglasses with polarized lenses, I feel like my vision is better, even without corrective lenses. \


The Saber style is just your classic shooter. Simple, elegant, and good for the range. "FRAME PROVIDES 90 DEGREE WRAP-BACK, ELIMINATING TUNNEL VISION." We currently have smoke, clear, and pale yellow in stock.

All of these styles are ready to ship, and anything else you could want from WileyX or any of the other brands that we carry is just a phone call (or email) away. Contact for more info.
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