Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh baby, it's cold outside!

...but no worries. The key to staying warm, as I've mentioned before, is layering, and taking advantage of the technology available.

GEN III ECWCS - Extended Cold Weather Clothing System - is based on the layering systems used by the Army and mountaineering professionals, and is designed to keep you warm and comfortable in extreme cold conditions.

Level 1 - a lightweight undershirt and leggings worn next to the skin, made of a highly breathable fabric with moisture-wicking abilities, dries quickly to providing cooling in warmer weather, and works as an insulating base under other layers without adding a lot of bulk. Black or sand, sizes Small - 3XL. Level 1 balaclava, also available.

Level 1 Top, Bottom, or Balaclava

Level 2 - a mid-weight top and bottom, also has moisture-wicking properties and provides another layer of insulation in colder climates. Black or sand, sizes Small - 3XL. Level 2 balaclava, also available.

Level 2 Top, Bottom, or Balaclava

Level 3 - a fleece jacket that can be worn as a liner for level 4, or as the top layer in milder weather. Black or foliage, sizes Small - 3XL.

Level 3 - Jacket

Microfleece watch cap - I know I can't get through winter without one. One Size in black, coyote, or foliage.

And don't forget our tried and true Flight Jacket.

Stay warm this season!
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