Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What to Wear: On "Tropical" Assignment

I keep looking over the Woolrich Elite Tactical Series and thinking, this must be what spies wear on vacation, LOL. Seriously, though, this line looks stylish yet functional, and I really like that. The designers paid careful attention to detail, and must have put a lot of thought into the color story (ok, maybe I watch Project Runway, a lot). It also reminds me of things that the character, Sam, on Burn Notice would wear...

L-R: Woolrich Elite 4-Pocket Discreet Carry Short-Sleeve Shirt, Woolrich Elite Discreet Carry Short-Sleeve Shirt, Elite CCW Shirt.

Any of the Woolrich Elite Tactical Series items are available for pre-order at this time, just by contacting

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