Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because two dogs just ain't enough...

November 6-7, 2010
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$40 advance registration / $50 onsite

Wasteland Survival Guide available to download at:
Register online now and save $10 from onsite admission!

Because two dogs just ain't enough... and four dogs may be too many... It's Three-Dog coming at you on the only voice of truth in the Wasteland... Galaxy News Radio.

Listen children... I want you all to be extra careful out there... Word has it that a lot of travellers have been disappearing off the roads and good honest folk being carried out in the night by heavily armed raiders. Word is... a particularly unsavory bunch of cannibals have taken up residence in the central Wasteland. As if the Slavers out of Paradise Falls aren't bad enough... this bunch of raiders has apparently developed a taste for the OTHER white meat and established new hunting grounds. Be careful on the roads and watch yourselves when visiting unfamiliar settlements. We don't know yet where these cannibals are operating out of... but let's just hope that sooner or later they try to eat the wrong Wastelander and someone out there is able to wipe those flesh-eaters off the map.

Speaking of food... need to remind everyone that the good folks at Wayne's World purchase lunch supplies based on event headcount, which is driven by pre-registration. More than once the Waynes World staff has been surprised by a LOT of extra shooters at their door. All are welcome of course... but sometimes a lot of scrambling is needed along with extra trips to the Super-Duper Mart for extra supplies. To be fair to all those good people who pre-register and let us know we're coming, they'll be getting meal tickets for lunch onsite... and two additional drawings will be held for all pre-registrants by midnight, October 31st, for a $25 gift certificate to Hooters as well as complimentary access to the next MGP event.

Registration closes late Wednesday night, November 3rd. If you haven't pre-registered to let us know you're coming... we can't put you in the head-count for lunch.

And remember kids... be nice to our merchants. The good folks at Airsoft Extreme, Airsoft Unlimited and Dark Threads are helping to keep GNR and the voice of the Wasteland going. And be good to those merchants out trying to make an honest living in the Wasteland. Be sure to bring them some pre-war relics from home and they'll buy most of them off you for some bottlecaps. And remember that they don't like being robbed. I imagine any wastelander or raider feeling a little cocky and robbing a merchant for caps and merchandise is going to end up with quite a bounty on their heads.

And now... a little music...

IMPORTANT! The Wasteland series of events have lots of action but are NOT traditional MilSim games. Strict uniform/costume restrictions will be in effect to recreate the setting of the game. Please read the Survival Guide (Players Pack) and review the forums for more information on factions and uniforms allowed at this event.

Event Sponsored By

Airsoft Extreme

Airsoft Unlimited

Dark Threads

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