Friday, October 8, 2010

A message from Three Dog: don't miss The Wasteland 2!

November 6-7, 2010
Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$40 advance registration / $50 onsite

Wasteland Survival Guide available to download at:
Register online now and save $10 from onsite admission!

Hello Children! It's Three-Dog coming at ya out of the depths of the Capital Wasteland on Galaxy News Radio!

I've got a public service announcement for those of you out travelling in the Capital Wastes. Eulogy Jones and his band of Slavers and ne'er-do-wells have been seen ranging as far south as the Fairfax Ruins. Pretty bold considering the reports of a Super Mutants in the ruins... but word on the street is that the Slavers are making a play to extend their reach outside of Paradise Falls. That doesn't look good for any of us.

I know there are some unscrupulous types out there in the Wastelands that don't mind a little bad karma... trying to make deals with the Slavers or even working for them. Word of advice... you'd better think twice about cutting deals with Eulogy Jones. The Slavers see the world as made up of two types of people... Slavers and Slaves. And if you ain't one of them... that doesn't leave a whole lot to chose from. They're likely to turn on you at the drop of Eulogy's purple velvet hat... so watch out!

I've been hearing that after the Brotherhood of Steel opened up Vault 109 a while back that some sort of church has set up camp in the vault. Calling themselves the Church of She or some other such nonsense. Say they welcome travellers and provide them safe haven... but take it from Three-Dog.. ain't too many selfless people living in the Capital Wastes... at least not too many that make it more than a week or two on their own. You're welcome to see what the Church is all about... but I'd keep my eyes open and my gun loaded.

And now... a little music...

IMPORTANT! The Wasteland series of events have lots of action but are NOT traditional MilSim games. Strict uniform/costume restrictions will be in effect to recreate the setting of the game. Please read the Survival Guide (Players Pack) and review the forums for more information on factions and uniforms allowed at this event.

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