Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for an Upgrade?

Firstly, before I get into that - BIG FAT UPDATE - check out our new front page - - made a few changes.

Plus, just added:

Tru-Spec TRU XTREME full line. If you are ready to upgrade your old TRUs, this line offers even more features and durability than the regular TRU. Let's start with the shirt.

Regular TRU shirt:

The most outstanding differences being: new front pockets designed with bellows so they expand, cut resistant treatment on the elbow patches, and a cool tri-fold pouch that MOLLEs onto the sleeve - has a clear plastic window for keeping ID, reference cards, etc. Link to Spec Sheet - for more details.

Available in black, khaki, navy, od, and MultiCam. Please check it out in our store! Thanks.

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