Friday, January 28, 2011

TRU XTREME Combat Shirt and Vest

In designing the TRU XTREME line, the designers considered the issue of department dress code. The combat shirts are great for wearing under a vest or plate carrier, but when you take the vest off, you are considered "out of uniform." That's why they designed a separate vest to layer on top of the combat shirt, essentially making it look like a complete TRU shirt. Check it out:

TRU XTREME Combat Shirt

Some of the new features include a zippered collar, and it also has that tri-fold pouch on the sleeve, like the TRU XTREME Shirt. The pouch attaches to MOLLE on either sleeve.

The vest does well all on its own too, as a tactical vest that you can layer over any shirt.

Please check them out in our store! Thanks.
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