Monday, May 2, 2011

Upcoming MGP Event: Deadliest Warrior

Deadliest Warrior
May 7, 2011
CSENTRI Facility, Orlando, FL

$50 per person (organized as 5-6 person teams)

Just a week remaining until SFOD-D, SEALs, US Special Forces, Blackwater, US Coast Guard, CTU and other square off to determine who is is the Deadliest Warrior! Is your team represented? Sign up now! Registration closes late Thursday night, May 5th!

Players will be organized in 5-6 man teams. Pick who you are representing and pick your uniforms. We ask that all team members wear the same uniform. Consult the MGP forums to see who's coming and what uniforms are already being worn. While one team wearing a uniform doesn't preclude another from wearing the same, we'd like to try to have some sort of visual distinction. (ie. Multicam w/ mulitcam gear vs. Multicam w/ black gear)

The event includes team on team combat, working to achieve specific mission goals as well as a series of timed and scored tactical exercises.

The day will be organized into five main areas. Each team will have time to set up , get some pointers and practice with UAL staff and than compete. You will be Timed and scored on Hits and Kills, after each round , you will have time to go through and see for your self how you did. Each team will have there own color and will be able to see the hits and kills. The 5 events will be the fallowing ;

1. Pistol Comp
2. CQB / CQC Comp.
3. Hostage Rescue
4. Security Detail
5. Team VS Team - CTF (mulitple team v. team rounds)

Each event will be held simultaneously in different parts of the building to minimize down-time. Your teams will each have there own staging place to set up and reload for the next Competition. You will get extra point's for your team's load out at the start of the day.

You will need to have at least one hand gun per-team as the pistol competion runs each team member through solo. Ideally everyone has their own handgun and is familiar with it, but it can be shared and passed to other team members if someone doesn't have a sidearm. The rest of the time you will be fighting as a team and demonstrating why you are THE DEADLIEST WARRIORS...

Don't delay! Sign up this weekend!
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