Thursday, May 19, 2011

Upcoming MGP Event: Shattered Silence, June 11

Shattered Silence
June 11, 2011
CSENTRI Facility, Orlando, FL
$50 per person

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America breathes a sigh of relief as the world's most notorious terrorist is eliminated... but what happens now?

Although the serpent's head is severed, like a Hydra, many fierce heads sprout anew. As the United States races to take advantage of intelligence captured from Pakistan, terrorist cells scramble to evade capture and strike back against the West as one fanatic's death spawns a martyr.

Join us at the CSENTRI training facility in Orlando, Florida on June 11 for more CQB excitement as US Special Operations Teams battle terrorist cells from across the globe.

US Force Options:
Olive Drab

Terrorist Options:
Mixed Paramilitary (no complete uniform)

Standard MGP Rules in effect. Full face protection and red-chem light or red flashlight required safety items for this site.

Also at June event...

The Arms Market!

Bring your old weapons, uniforms, gear and other items to the Arms Market! Have some old equipment you want to sell? Need to make room for new toys? Tags will be available to tag your items with your name, asking price and other details. Items will be on display and watched over throughout the day, as a courtesy of Toy Soldier Sports, with a nominal 5% consignment of sales... no cost if items do not sell.
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