Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Weeks Later...MORE BRAAAAIIINZ!!!

So if you missed Zombie Hunt III, here's your chance to make up (clipped from the Airsoft Assault blog):

Saturday October 25th: Two Weeks Later

filed in Event Announcment on Oct.12, 2008

We are proud to announce that Airsoft Assault will be having it’s first Zombie based game on October 25th! We would like to thank the Ghost Walkers for coming up with the original idea on this type of game and for the success they have had with it during their previous Zombie Hunts.

Here are some details so far:

Admission: $20
Time: Noon-10pm
Weapon Restrictions: Springer Guns ONLY.

We are working on more specifics, details to follow soon! Stay tuned.

P.S. Sorry to those that were attending Operation: Hell Gate. It has been canceled due to lack of interest. We are planning “Two Weeks Later” to take it’s place. This event should be definitely one to remember!

Also, an update to a previous event announcement:

The time for Yo Joe! part 3, (Sat. Nov. 8 at Airsoft Assault) has changed to 9am - 3 pm, and if you aren't already preregistered for this event, you won't be admitted to play before 3pm. Regular play will resume at 3pm that day.
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