Friday, February 13, 2009 which I look incredibly cool. which I look incredibly cool.
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My new WileyX sunglasses. They are awesome. I always had cheap sunglasses because I have a tendency to lose or break them, but I'm going to take care of these because they are NICE. This particular style is called "Zak" - in gloss black, with smoke lenses, and they fit me perfect, I think.

We actually got a big order in from WileyX - a bunch of different styles as samples so that we could evaluate them and see which ones we'd like to carry on There are lots of different features, such as some come with a removable foam gasket, or interchangeable lenses, and so on. I hope to write a more extensive article about them after I take some more photos.

Eyewear is such a personal, individual matter that I think we should offer as many choices as possible. For example, DI and I both tried on different sunglasses, and some styles worked better for him, while others worked better for me. After wearing these *good* sunglasses for a while, I realize now that a good pair should feel like you aren't wearing them. You should barely notice that you have them on.

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