Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Protective Gear: knee and elbow pads

Very soon after playing my first real airsoft skirmish, I realized that knee pads would be a good idea. I found myself going down on one knee a lot, in all sorts of terrain - dirt, gravel, pavement - causing a lot of wear and tear on my uniform and on my knees. So I can't remember who first recommended Alta knee pads to me, but the name brand has come up frequently since then as being "the best," and I must say that I agree. This is one of the few products that Alta Industries makes, and they do it very well.

At first glance, they don't look so different from other knee pads, but once you wear them and use them, you realize that a lot of careful attention was put into the design of these little marvels. First off, they are well constructed out of good quality materials - cordura fabric, thick foam, strong elastic straps, and Velcro(R). The most important thing on a knee pad is probably the straps, because you want the pads to stay in place without binding, and Alta knee pads do that where others fail. The knee pads we carry feature the AltalockTM buckles, which allow easy fastening and removal.

So if the knee pads are good, the elbow pads ought to be good too, right? I just got myself a pair to go with my SWAT/Space Marine loadout, and I wore them for better part of the day today, and I must say they are very comfortable. One of the issues I was concerned about was if they would impede my mobility, and I had no problem moving around in them.
So now we have Alta knee and elbow pads available in our store in four colors, including MultiCam, and for the price, we don't think you'll find a better product. Check them out here.
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