Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blending in: MultiCam vs. X-Camo

One of the cool things about going to the SHOT Show, was getting to see all the manufacturers of our favorite products. So of course we were excited to see Crye PrecisionTM- the makers of MULTICAM(R) - at the show.

What is MultiCam?

MultiCam is the result of years of scientific research and experimentation, based on feedback from the US military in Afghanistan. Basically, it's a camo pattern that was designed to work well across a very broad range of environments, seasons, and lighting conditions. It was designed to reflect colors in the surrounding environment, so it looks more green when its in a green foliage environment, but in the desert, it looks more tan. It also takes advantage of the way humans perceive patterns, buy "blurring" the profile of the wearer against almost any background. Lastly, it was designed to balance scale and contrast, so it works at a distance or at close range. Other camo patterns that rely on large-scale or high-contrast elements stop working as the observer gets closer, because the scale wasn't designed to conceal at close range.

The MultiCam gallery page has several photos that demonstrate its effectiveness against a wide range of backgrounds. Not only is MultiCam finding many applications for use by the military and law enforcement, but it also works well as a hunting camo pattern.

Because MultiCam products tend to be of a higher quality and carry a higher price tag, we gave it its own section in the store.

So What's this X-Camo I keep hearing about?

Even as MultiCam is starting to catch on, there is a new camo on the block: X-Camo. It's a digital pattern that looks like a cross between MultiCam and MarPat (Digital Woodland). We recently did a photoshoot of DI in his X-Camo loadout, and tried it up against a variety of different backgrounds (in our own backyard).

2008DEC 094 2008DEC 096 2008DEC 099 2008DEC 103
It even looks good with MultiCam accessories:
2008DEC 101

We have the X-Camo BDU shirt and pants available in our store here. For accessories, anything tan, coyote, OD, or MultiCam would work well with X-Camo.
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