Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Saturday: The Zone

Just a reminder that The Zone event is happening this Saturday, Jan. 10 at Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala, Fla. Click here for more info.

Registration Updates:

As of this time, Ravenwood is booked out. There are still limited slots available for both Duty and Freedom. Unlimited slots and plenty of availability still with Bandits and Ukranians. Solo players? Become a Stalker and roam the Zone as a Mercenary, selling your services to the faction that offers you the most rubles!

Please go online to register this week as it helps us build the forces and missions based on faction numbers.

Be sure to pay attention to faction uniforms! If you plan on wearing ACUs to the event you need to sign up with NRO/Delta right away as it is set up as a small, limited number faction like Ravenwood. Some sample photos of Bandit and Stalker load-outs are in the event forums.

Starting Sites in the Zone:

The leaders for Duty, Freedom and the Bandit Clans will be contacted in a few days to select the starting locations for their factions. We'll have an informal lottery to decide the order in which they select their starting sites. Remember that several starting points generate revenue for the teams holding them and this may help get your team started early towards hiring mercs and buying key mission information. Consult The Zone players pack for more information on economics and earning rubles in The Zone!


The Zone is a unique airsoft experience drawn from the Russian novel “Roadside Picnic”, and the “STALKER” film and videogames based on the novel. Set in the contaminated wastelands of the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation, Ukrainian troops, paramilitary factions and lone stalkers fight to control or reveal the secrets of the Zone and seek fortune through scavenging scraps of classified technology and strange, unearthly artifacts. The Zone is a grim and deadly place, full of radioactive pockets, unexplained anomalies, mutated horrors and ruthless killers. But it is said that within a man can find treasure beyond his wildest dreams…

Mindgame Productions Presents its first event of 2009 and we are kicking it into high gear. From book to movie to video game now we bring the action to life as you enter the ZONE! So break out the old MOPP suits, Geiger counters and yourself for our must intense and immersive event yet. Help us start 2009 with the biggest bang yet!

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