Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 of The Shot Show

Another great day at the Shot Show, but I don't think I've seen it all yet. I'm not sure it's possible to see everything in just three days. This show is BIG. Day one, we wandered around, stopped, and looked at things that piqued our interest. Day 2 was more of a strategic surgical strike where we plotted out a course for the stuff we definitely had to see. Day 3 - it all comes together. We made lots of new contacts, established some relationships, and will be placing orders for lots of new stuff in the months to come. Of course, I'll be posting announcements here about any new products we add to our inventory.

We also got to hang out with Mac of Mindgame Productions, which is very cool, and we ran into some other airsofters we know. There were some celebrities out and about today - Gunny from Mail Call on the History Channel, and the original band of brothers from WWII, but perhaps the biggest highlight of today for me was running into the "Milspec Monkey," who gave me one of his very cool patches.

Some lessons learned/hints and tips/what to do for next time:
-Get a rollaboard style bag or backpack for collecting all the catalogs and shwag. My back hurts from three days of shlepping.
-Must wear comfortable shoes!
-Bring snacks and beverages, or pay extremely inflated prices for such.
-Look for vendors who are providing free snacks and beverages;)

I haven't been taking photos because photography is prohibited without a press pass, so here I give you a link to the Shot Show news where they are posting lots of articles and photos.
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