Sunday, May 17, 2009

Diamond Dogs Update, May 15

Diamond Dogs
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-24, 2009
Camp Blanding MOUT Site
Starke, FL

Online registration closes Sunday night, May 17th!
$85 Advance Registration
$100 after May 17th and for Walk-On Registrations

Sign up now at

Special Announcement!
Onsite chow will be available! Great buffet menu for $6 a person.
To see the menu for each meal go to...

TO: CDR, US Peacekeeping Forces, Sierra Leone
FROM: US AFRICOM, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

1) Just before dawn this morning, private military contractors of Strategic Resource Consultants and other PMCs hired by Deep Core Mining and several other corporations bypassed UN checkpoints and launched a surprise attack on General Jackson's encampment in Lago.

2) The battle raged for most of the day but reports indicate the action slowed to sporadic exchanges of weapons fire by late afternoon. Scout elements report that the military contractors attacked Lago from the north and currently occupy the northeast section of the city. Jackson's force, were caught off guard and have been pushed to the southwest section of Lago. Citizens fleeing to UN lines have said some townspeople and a group of missionaries remain in Lago, despite the battle. The US has a HUMINT asset inside the city who will continue to feed reports to AFRICOM via Langley.

3) A UN mission has been dispatched to the city to seek a ceasefire between the Warlord and the corporate military contractors. Lago is home to the largest hospital in the region and the International Red Cross needs this facility as a base for relief operations in the area. All US and French forces are to stand by at high alert should the UN cease-fire efforts be unsuccessful.

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