Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diamond Dogs Update, May 19

Diamond Dogs
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-24, 2009
Camp Blanding MOUT Site
Starke, FL

It's time to pack your last minute gear items, grab your weapons and head out to the tarmac. Beautiful Sierra Leone awaits! This station will be offline for forum and email contacts and questions after 0900hrs, May 21st. Be sure you have downloaded the players pack for rules, map, event schedule and waiver.

Player's Pack available for download at

Remember that registration/chrono opens Friday at 1300 and runs until 2100 Friday night. Check in Friday if you can to save time on game day! Registration reopens Saturday morning at 0700 and morning formation and briefing is at 0900. Plan your arrival, registration and prep times accordingly!

We look forward to seeing everyone onsite!

TO: CDR, US Peacekeeping Forces, Sierra Leone
FROM: US AFRICOM, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

1) The UN team's mission in Lago was a success. A cease fire has been negotiated between General Jackson's forces and the Private Military Contractors under the employ of Deep Core Mining, De Beers, Stark Industries and Sierra Rutile. General Jackson has agreed to turn over the Lago hospital to UN forces for use as an International Red Cross relief station. Supplies are being loaded onto a UN convoy and peacekeeping forces will escort the convoy into Lago and complete the handover of the hospital from General Jackson NLT 1000hrs, 23 May.

2) A US intelligence asset within the city reports that the contractors occupy the north-eastern side of Lago while Jackson's forces occupy the south-west. A narrow demilitarized strip has been established through the center of town and both forces have pulled back intot their respective sectors.

3) General Jackson has notified the UN Mission that he is ready to discuss terms of a cease fire and said that he hopes that offering the Lago hospital to the IRC will be first gesture of reconcilation. SRC ground commander, Chad Boone, has warned the UN Mission that his scouts have seen more of Jackson's mercenary forces entering Lago under cover of darkness. He insists Jackson is not to be trusted and cynically offered to "...bail the UN out of trouble if it all goes to hell. We'll send the General Secretary the bill..."

4) Following the handover of the Lago hospital, Peacekeeping forces will man the demilitarized zone in Lago while the diplomatic team continues negotiations for General Jackson's withdrawal to Liberia. Peacekeeping forces are reminded of reports of severe human rights violations and should be alert to confirm any evidence of torture and war crimes that may become a factor in negotiations.

Onsite chow will be available! Great buffet menu for $6 a person.
To see the menu for each meal go to...

Player's Pack available for download at

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