Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UPDATE: Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-24, 2009
Camp Blanding MOUT Site
Starke, FL

$85 Advance Registration prior to May 17th
$100 after May 11th and for Walk-On Registrations

Two Weeks Remaining for Advance, Online Registration!!!

Sign up now at

Save $15 and get into your squad assignments before the event!!!

TO: CDR, US Peacekeeping Forces, Sierra Leone
FROM: US AFRICOM, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

1) Fighting erupted late last night near the Sierra Leone and Liberian border. Military contractors from Strategic Resource Consultants engaged a convoy carrying food and amunition from Liberia, along General Jackson's main supply route, toward his encampment in Lago. The convoy was destroyed. 12 Liberian conscripts and two mercenary sergeants were found dead. SRC reportedly suffered 2 KIAs and 3 personnel wounded. A liaison officer between Deep Core Mining and the US forces in Sierra Leone insisted that the SRC personnel were engaged first.

2) General Jackson's army, based near Lago, has been on high alert since the convoy attack. Sporadic gunfire has been reported along his perimeter defenses. Peacekeeping forces have identified contractors from SRC and Fenris Group conducting patrols within the UN restricted zone. The contractors left the area when challenged. Deep Core continues pressure on the UN for permission to send SRC contractors to protect its small diamond mining facility on the outskirts of Lago. The Security Council maintains that no unauthorized personnel are to approach Lago while it continues efforts to conclude the crisis without further bloodshed.

3) Fleeing civilians have brought unconfirmed reports of mass executions and torture of Sierra Leone citizens resisting or refusing to coperate with General Jackson. The Liberian general has restricted world media from entering Lago and to date these reports of torture and executions remain unconfirmed. The confirmation of possible war crimes is now a Priority Intelligence Requirment of the UN.

4) The Secretary-General remains focused on a diplomatic solution. US forces in the region are ordered to maintain the cease-fire zone and prevent military contractors from re-igniting the situation. Although US forces and corporate military contractors fought together last month at the action near Moyamba Mines, unit commanders are to remind their troops that a UN cease fire is in effect and these contractors have no authority to start their own wars on company orders.

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