Friday, October 23, 2009

Are you ready for Wasteland?

Here is a really quick summary - The "cliff notes" version - of the uniform requirements for each faction. We're only two weeks out now, so if you need anything for the event, better contact us pronto!

Brotherhood of Steel Uniform - MultiCam, armor is encouraged! Ok, I know a full metal suit of armor might be hard to come by, but I encourage you to be creative with spray paint or duck tape.

Talon Company Uniform - Black. May we suggest: TRU Top and bottom, or Combat Shirt.

Wastelanders, Raiders, Slavers Uniform - punk, mixed civilian, and paramilitary. Please no matching uniform top/bottom - punk it out! May we suggest: mixing different tops and bottoms, camo T-shirts, covers, shemaghs.

You might also want to be creative with your weapons and accessories. Think, "Mad Max."

Enclave Uniform - MARPAT top and bottom.

DON'T FORGET FACE PROTECTION OR EYEWEAR! A full-seal goggle or face mask is required for this event. Check out our full line of Revision, WileyX, and Save Phace products.

Also, don't forget to bring one or more of the following for your starter weapons: boffer weapons, gas pistols, springer shotguns, pistols and rifles. May we suggest: rubber training knives for those close-quarters melee kills.

Players may physically enter the field with advanced weapons or AEGs, but must keep them slung until an upgrade is purchased from a merchant or "built" by a gunsmith. The "currency" in Wasteland is bottle caps, which you get by finding and selling pre-war artifacts.

To encourage players dressing the part, players showing up in excellent costumes will be awarded a starting bottle cap bonus before the game begins.

Other useful items to bring:

A large empty pouch or backpack to carry collected artifacts.
Food and water (it's a 24-hour game).
Comfortable footwear.
Bedroll/camping gear to bivouac for the night.
First-aid/med kit.

Be sure to download the players pack for more info -
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