Friday, October 9, 2009

[Featured Product] Eyewear: Revision Sawfly

Still recovering from our recent travels and everything else that's going on, but I've been meaning get back to blogging about our stuff!

I am becoming of the belief that you can't have too many pairs of protective glasses, especially when you do the sorts of activities that we do all the time. So I tried out yet another cool pair of specs from Revision - The Sawfly.
They might look like just another pair of shooters, but they are much much more. It's a military eyewear system, with interchangeable lenses, and the ability to withstand a shotgun blast at 16 feet.
They come in two sizes - regular, which is the typical size - and large, so if you have trouble finding a good pair of specs to fit, this might be your answer. The arms also adjust to fit. And, they are Rx compatible. The set comes with two lenses, strap, bag, case, and cleaning cloth.

I wore this around at DragonCon, and as with other Revision products I've tested, the sawfly's are super-comfortable. We have them, and many other fine products in stock, so please stop by our site if you haven't in a while. (I also fixed a bunch of stuff, and even lowered some prices;-)
Also pictured here - riot shield from Dark Victory Armory - surprisingly light-weight shield designed for milsim/tacsim. For more info, contact
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