Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photos/Review of Wasteland

It was in so many ways awesome, I don't even know where to begin. We arrived on site at Wayne's World of Paintball in Ocala, FL the day before the event to set up. We had trunkloads of props and equipment to put out on the field because we really wanted to capture the essence of the theme: Fallout 3.
Wasteland 002
I had never been to Wayne's before and got a chance to walk around the field. It's amazing and huge. There are dozens of plywood or concrete buildings and structures, vehicle chassis, and other installations scattered throughout the field, which is otherwise covered in dense foliage. It lends itself well to all sorts of scenarios. Check out the photos here on flickr.

Day of the event, I would guesstimate that we had around 170 players, plus a couple/few dozen staffers and NPCs. I was impressed with how many players and teams that showed up in good costumes and brought their own props to fit in with the theme. A lot of people really showed some effort. I set up the Dark Threads shop just briefly in case anyone needed anything. Surprisingly, we did make a lot of sales in that short time!
Wasteland 116 Wasteland 132 Wasteland 134

After the briefing, the players went onto the field and I took my position at "Craterside Supply" in "Megaton" as the character, Moira Brown. Sorry I didn't get any photos of myself in costume. Maybe someone else did and will share...but I did get a lot of photos of the players coming to me to purchase their weapons upgrades and trade relics for caps (the currency of the Wasteland). Players needed 50 caps to use their AEGs, and 75 to use a SAW. I also employed a mercenary or two, and gave players missions to find stuff for me. I didn't get to see much action outside of Megaton, but later in the afternoon, we were raided and there was a big firefight in Megaton.
Wasteland 081
The Enclave faction stole the "nuclear bomb" from the crater at the center of town, and some raiders looted my store. Fun times. As night fell, activity waned at Megaton, and I closed Craterside Supply for the night, and went to my tent to get some sleep.

Although we did break for lunch, the game was scheduled to go on through the night. I know that some teams and players took breaks for dinner, or to sleep, but in the morning, there was still a lot of action going on. I know there was a lot going on around "Paradise Falls," which was controlled by the Slaver faction. They occupied a three-story plywood structure, that they had lit up a like a Christmas tree, with strings of lights around the perimeter, and spotlights mounted around the compound, running off a generator that they brought into game. They even had a disco ball! From what I hear, the place was impenetrable, until someone fired a rocket launcher at the tower, and they shut off the lights to simulate a hit. Then, it was overrun.

I also heard that the Brotherhood of Steal obtained their objective - they found the GECK? - a techno device in a suitcase thingy (it was very impressive looking, actually) - in a vault-like structure on site that Mac (MGP) had rigged with a "secured" door. They had to connect some wires in an electrical box on the door, to trigger the cannon fuse, which released the latch on the door.

Of course, there were lots of Raider factions roaming about the field, harassing and robbing other players and merchants. Besides, Moira, there were other NPCs playing wandering merchants in the game.

It ended up being one of the most immersive airsoft games that I ever participated in, and a remarkable blending of an airsoft game with a post-apocalyptic themed LARP. I don't think there has really been anything else like it, and the feedback from the attendees so far has been unprecedentedly positive. Players are posting their AARs up on the Mindgame Productions forums and the Florida airsoft forums.

We are DEFINITELY doing something like this again.
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