Monday, November 16, 2009

Tru-Spec Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

Now taking orders for Tru-Spec Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (Gen III ECWCS). Contact for pricing and info, or check out some of the products listed here on our Web site (I will be adding more products to the store as the cold season approaches).

I was glad I was wearing the base layers level 1 and 2 under my uniform at an event in Ohio last Feburary. There was snow on the ground and freezing temperatures for most of the day. The key to staying warm in those conditions is layering, and you want to choose the appropriate materials for each layer, as follows:

Level 1 Top and Bottom

Layer 1 goes right next to your skin, and should allow perspiration to dry quickly. Otherwise, if you get damp, you'll feel the cold right away. The Tru-Spec 3.7 oz. Performance Plus 100% polyester jersey in Gen III ECWCS level 1 base layer is specifically designed to breathe and wick away moisture. It's a smooth, comfortable, stretchy fabric, and also uses Microban For Anti-Microbial And Anti-Odor Defense.

Layer 2 should provide some insulation against the cold. The best fabrics for that purpose are wool or fleece, and it also helps if this layer fits well over your level 1 gear for easy movement. The Tru-Spec Gen III ECWCS level 2 is made of 6.6 oz. Performance Plus 93% Polyester/7% Spandex. Grid Fleece Aids In Breathability And Moisture Wicking Properties, and once again this is a soft, stretchy, comfortable fabric, with Microban.

Level 2 Balaclava

Layer 3, or your outermost layer should have some weather resistant properties, like our flight jacket. We are also taking pre-orders for any of the Tru-Spec Gen III ECWCS level 3 and H2O Proof gear. Contact for pricing and info.

Don't get left out in the cold or the rain this season!
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