Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blend in: X-CAMO

"X-Camo is a Unique Blend of Natural Colors. Very similar to that of early WWII colors. But in a digital pattern. You will see that the X-Camo works in a wide variety of surroundings. This camoflauge will hide you better than ANY Camoflauge on the market." - M.O.C.

When X-Camo first came out over a year ago, we were very excited about it, but it's taken a little while to catch on. Now, individuals and groups in the military are using it, and it's proving to be a very versatile and effective cover in many environments. Here it is up against some other patterns:

X-Camo - center

X-Camo - lower left

This year, M.O.C. released some new items in their X-CAMO (registered trademarked) pattern, so in addition to the ACU-style ripstop shirt and pants, there's also t-shirts and a hoodie. You can find the full line of X-Camo products in our store at very competitive prices. We just got a shipment in, and I think I might just have to take one of those t-shirts for myself;-)

X-Camo T

...and maybe a hoodie, as well;-D

X-Camo Hoodie
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