Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go Bags!

We just got a shipment in this week of Paladin products from S.O.Tech (SpecOpsTech) and you would think it was Christmas (well, it's kinda like Christmas every time we get any kind of shipment in, because we love this stuff), but needless to say, we are very excited about these bags. Why? Because they are so innovatively designed, like the S.O.Tech packs and bags, packed with features, and so modestly priced!

Paladin Go Bag The unique design of this bag makes it the perfect everyday carry, or survival bag to tuck in behind the car seat. The sling design makes it easy to carry, even when it's packed full of stuff, and you can pack a lot of stuff into it! I already loaded mine up with a couple MREs, bottled water, a med kit and other necessities. I think it would work well as an overnight bag, too.

Paladin Mission Go Bag
Stefan has claimed one of these for his own, and I can't believe how much stuff he has in it already - tools, med kit, survival gear - considering that it's not really that big of a bag. It's about the size of a medium messenger bag, but you can configure it to carry in a number of different ways: as an attache, as a fanny pack, as a messenger, and it can also be attached to the Mission Pack to extend that even further. It has a lot of unique, innovative features, such as a hook and loop strap to hold a tape roll, and four draw-string pockets in the main compartment, MOLLE webbing, &etc. It could be used for all sorts of applications - medic bag, camera bag, laptop bag, range bag - and many more possible configurations.

Paladin Mission Pack, Expedition
This is one huge but very well-designed backpack. It can be used as a 3-day pack, or unzip the compartment on the bottom to expand it to a 5-day pack. We loaded it up, and both of us tried it on - Stef is an average sized man, and I am a petite woman - and we both thought it was very comfortable to carry, and distributed the weight rather well. It has just an adequate amount of MOLLE webbing on the front, and one set of compression straps to reduce "drag". I think it would work out great as a travel carry-on bag.

I'm sure that we will have a lot more to say about these bags, because we are going to use them! We have them in stock and available in coyote, right now in our store -
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