Friday, February 19, 2010

New knives from Cold Steel

A pleasant side-effect of testing out and using the products we carry is that we've become knife collectors:-D And, I've really grown to appreciate having a good knife handy for everyday, utility, survival, or whatever the situation calls for. Cold Steel has a lot of new designs and re-designs coming out this year, and we already got our hands on a few of them.

Stef chose this one for himself:

The Kobun® is a lightweight Tanto styled boot knife that takes its name from the Japanese martial, or underworld where the word "Kobun" means "soldier". It looks a lot like the Cold Steel Master Tanto, but has a thinner blade - and that's the idea - so it's lighter weight and can be used as a boot knife.

And, he chose this one for me:

The Zytel® Ti-Lite® with a 4 inch blade mimics the look of its more expensive counterparts almost exactly. Has 43% glass filled Zytel® for the handles and high quality stainless steel for the leaf spring lock and liners. The result is a lightweight knife that is remarkably strong, sharp and good looking, at a price almost everyone can afford.

I must say I'm quite pleased with it. It is lightweight but feels really strong, almost "over-engineered." It looks really slick, and its easy for me to handle. I couldn't have chosen better for myself!

Both styles are available now at, along with other cool products from Cold Steel, and we will be adding more as new styles become available.

Also, check out these videos for the Ti-Lite series:

Ti-Lite demo:

The "Pocket Snag"
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