Saturday, June 6, 2009

Camelbak is here!

Camelbak Camelbak Camelbak Camelbak Camelbak

At the Diamond Dogs event at Camp Blanding in Florida, we rolled out a couple new products from Camelbak, thinking that hydration might be a good idea in that climate, and I finally just added those products to our Web store on the Survival tab. We've got the Camelbak 24 oz. Better Bottle, and the elixir tablets in stock now, and we will be getting in a wide selection of hydration backpacks, reserviors, parts, and accessories, because if we learned anything from playing in Florida, its that you can't carry too much water!

I also added the Camelbak Hi-Tec Impact II CT tactical glove. I didn't know that Camelbak also made gloves, but if they are anything like their hydration products, they must be awesome. These gloves fit very snugly, and they are heavily padded yet very flexible.
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