Friday, June 12, 2009

New Tactical Attache/Laptop Bag

I've been in the IT business for many years, AND I travel a lot, so I've seen my share of laptop bags. So I've literally gone through a dozen of them, and I've tried using a lot of different styles. Lately, I was looking for a bag that would be easier to manage through airport security. Those of you who are road warriors know the drill: you have to remove your laptop from the bag and put it on the conveyor belt separately. With some backpacks and laptop bags that have a modest zipper opening, this can be a pain. So I was looking for a bag that unzippered on three sides and opened like a book. Also, I wanted enough extra storage compartments to carry cords and adapters, but I didn't want anything too big and bulky, or too fussy. The answer for me was this tactical attache case that also converts into a backpack:
Tactical AttacheTactical Attache
This case unzips all the way open, so it can be used as a workstation or lap desk, without having to remove the laptop. The laptop compartment also has a large velcro panel that supports a rip-away admin panel.
Tactical AttacheTactical AttacheTactical AttacheTactical Attache
The large zipper compartment on the front is big enough to store bulky accessories, like your power adapter or extension cord, but it can also be adapted for concealed carry. The velcro holster adapter is sold separately.

Tactical Attache
The backpack straps can be stowed away in a zipper compartment on the back when you're not using them.
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