Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Upcoming MGP events:

MindGame Productions

July 4th, 2009
Waynes World of Paintball
6pm - ???
$20 onsite

Join us for our next MindGames After Dark event and help celebrate Independence Day by asserting YOUR Independence against an army of alien invaders!

The unthinkable has come to pass and a massive invasion force from the depths of space has descended to earth. Over fifty major cities and capitals are in flames as the relentless alien ships hammer Earth's defenders. All seemed lost until a massive aerial battle destroyed the mother ship and crippled the alien attack fleet. The aliens managed to land significant ground attack forces however, and the fate of Earth hangs in the balance as the remains of military units around the globe rise up with armed civilian defense forces in a last, desperate effort to destroy the alien invaders.

In central Florida, elements of the Florida National Guard have linked up with a secret government response team to take on the alien command structure in the state. Civilian volunteers have joined the military and are preparing to retake central Florida from the aliens.

Uniforms and Teams
- Alien Invaders - Black
- Florida National Guard - ACU
- MJ-12 Emergency Response Team - MultiCam
- Local Florida NRA Chapter - Civilian Clothes Prefered... Woodland okay, especially if you combine it with a blaze orange cap or hunting vest!

Special Rulesets
Alien Invaders have metal "kill target" on chest and back (provided by MGP) to make them harder to kill. BB must strike metal kill plate to eliminate alien. Aliens are recommended to wear paintball or SavePhace masks for extra protection. (dressing up the mask with tubes, hoses and other elements is encouraged to develop your alien battle gear!)

Humans may be required to carry blue or green glow-lights after nightfall to identify them to alien "bio-sensors". If so, MGP will provide chemlights for the players. But all players should bring their own red "dead light" or red glowstick to signal casualties.

A special mechanism will be in place that allows Aliens a chance to mentally subjudicate humans and turn some of them to the will of the invaders. Tracer Units are limited to alien invaders only as they will be part of Alien Mind Control rules.

As this is one of our smaller MAD games, instead of formal advance registration we will just collect $20 onsite. Please email Mac at , ASAP if you plan to attend. Include your name and requested team so we can plan out special supply needs and develop missions.

Mark your calendars now for
these upcoming MGP events!

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