Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cold Steel Knives

At the Shot Show this year, we looked at literally hundreds of knives, from as many brands and dealers, and if I learned one thing about that experience, there's a knife for everyone, whether you are looking for functionality, or style. It's one of those essential tools that everyone should have. We are especially impressed with Cold Steel. They have a wide range of high performance knives that will give you the best value for your money. They test all of their products against rigorous standards, and they have a reputation for quality and reliability. Here are some of our latest additions:
Cold Steel Knives
"His & Hers"
Two new products from Cold Steel this year are the American Lawman (above-right), and a slightly smaller version, the Mini Lawman (above-left). Both are folders with a belt clip, making them an ideal "everyday carry" knife. They are also equipped with the triad locking mechanism - "designed to withstand terrific impact forces and weight loads." The handles have steel liners covered in g-10 scales, to give you a firm grip. Choose the size that best fits your hand.
Cold Steel Knives

Mini-Tac Kiridashi
Cold Steel Knives
"This blade shape is derived from the traditional Japanese pocket or utility knife. It can be used for whittling, carving, paring or virtually any chore you can think of. It offers a very acute point for all those hard to reach jobs." This is a boot or neck knife that comes with its own scabbard and a chain.
Cold Steel Knives
(Top) Mini-Tac Kiridashi; (Bottom) The Spike

The Spike
"The Spike, designed by Barry Dawson, is a weapon pared down to its bare essentials. Its thick, narrow blade is distal tapered and flat ground to a zero edge."
Cold Steel Knives
"It has been carefully shaped out of solid steel, wrapped with cord and had all of its sharp edges "melted" so they don't irritate the hand. Each spike comes with a sturdy Secure-Ex sheath and steel bead lanyard so you can wear it around your neck or lash it to a "D" ring, fanny pack, or other gear."

The Recon Tanto
Cold Steel Knives Cold Steel Knives Cold Steel Knives
This is the fixed blade version of the folder by the same name that we already have listed in our Web store. "The Recon Tanto is rapidly redefining the standard for combat knives around the globe. It is well on its way to becoming the preferred fixed blade for SWAT teams and special military units." Blades like this are usually very expensive, but Cold Steel has combined the styling a quality into a very affordable package, and it comes with a scabbard.
Cold Steel Knives
We also restocked the "training" version (top), which was very popular at our last event.

So these are just some of our favorite picks from Cold Steel. We are authorized dealers and have access to their full product line, so if there's something in particular that you are looking for, please contact us!
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